PIZZA VIA pizza rendelés Debrecenben

Our Restaurant

The history of restaurant is more than a two decade old. We opened our restaurant in 1999, in the downtown of Debrecen, at 2 Arany János Street (that goes to Piac Street). In our restaurant we can seat 40 people. Due to our tasty, crispy pizzas and pastas, became soon one of the most popular pizza stores of Debrecen.


First of all, Pizza Via offers some delicate pieces of the Italian cuisine, but our guests can also find famous foods from the international and the Hungarian cuisine on our menu card. We don't add any synthetic preservative substance to our foods. We pay great attention to cook our meals always from fresh vegetables and other fine, assorted stuff.


Pizza Via Debrecen ebéd

We believe that healthy, diversified and varied meals are keystones to well balanced life. The foods on our menu contain the necessary proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, also fresh vegetables and fruits depending on the selected pizza toppings. We are proud of our excellent foods; with them our customers can shape up and form a healthier life.


Our restaurant delivers food, upon request. The orders can be made by telephone or via internet. We work with 6 cars. We develop our vehicle fleet continuously to carry the ordered food to our customers fast and safe. We deliver our foods in Debrecen, during the transport we use special insulated food delivery boxes. pizzéria Debrecen