PIZZA VIA étel házhoz szállítás

Our Philosophy

Pizza Via Debrecen enteriőr

The keystones of our conception are quality and advantageous price! We pa.y great attention to ensure excellent quality and tasty meats for our guests on fair price. The customer is above all. We don't just say, but take it serious! The aim of the whole team of restaurant is to satisfy our customers. If they feel themselves comfortable and enjoy our foods, we are cheerful. If our guests come back and visit us again, this will be the greatest appreciation for us.


We don't add any synthetic preservative substance to the foods those can be found on our menu card. We prepare the toppings always from fine, assorted stuff and fresh vegetables. We don't save up when we purchase them. We prefer expensive but better ingredients to cheaper ones. On our menu card our customers can find different vegetarian and low-cholesterol pizzas according to our policy on healthy meals.


We operate our restaurant on a high level. Our aim is to cook the ordered meals fast and bring them soon on the table of our customers. Our modern machines, kitchen tools and cooking utensils are bought to reach this goal. We were the first in Debrecen who introduced complex food safety system. We use appropriate, professional hygienic technology in the kitchen and the side rooms. Our counters and cabinets are made only from incorrodible inox (stainless steel) and granite. Beside satisfied customers, hygiene is one of the most important elements of our philosophy.


We have 6 cars to ensure fast and proper delivery. We deliver the ordered meals in special insulated food delivery boxes.


Our website and the connected online ordering system help us to serve our customers' demands on a high level. pizzéria Debrecen